Articles and Selected Media Citations

LGT Insights: Seven new trends shaping philanthropy. 9 January 2024

Silvia co-authored this article highlighting the seven critical trends shaping the future of philanthropy.

Impact Insider: Top advisor to foundations: Join forces and create fundamental change. By Carsten Terp, 29 January 2023

Silvia was interviewed for her views on encouraging foundations to come together to support large-scale, systemic change.

Alliance Magazine: Five insights from advising philanthropists to do good. February 2022

Silvia co-authored this article for Alliance Magazine, highlighting five insights from advising wealthy individuals and families all around the world on how to realize their philanthropic aspirations.

Forbes: Impact Investing: Proven Financial Instruments And Strategies Beyond ESG. By JP Dallmann, 30 June 2021

Article which covers proven financial instruments and strategies for impact. It mentions Co-Impact and quotes Silvia on the power of grants to enable systemic change.

Barrons: A Noble Collaboration: Capital Flows to Social-Service Groups. By Abby Schultz, 19 June 2019

Article which argues that pooling funding to address significant social and environmental issues is gaining momentum. It mentions Co-Impact and quotes Silvia on the value of philanthropists collaborating.

The Magazine: Robert Bosch Stiftung. February 2019 Edition

Interviewed for the article “Breaking New Ground: Four Institutions, Four Ideas; What needs to be supported today – and how? Find out about four institutions in the philanthropic sector that pursue very different approaches” p.10-17.

Fondation de Luxembourg: Philanthropy Letter Winter 2019 A dialogue on the Future of Philanthropy. By Tonika Hirdman, Winter 2019

Interviewed for her views about the trends in European philanthropy.

H Edition Summer 2019, Fusion Media Group: Reaching the Last Mile – A Journey to the Heart of Liberia. July 2019

Silvia authored this article for H Edition, a global magazine dedicated to news, economy, business, luxury and culture, to share her learning from a visit to Liberia’s national program of community health workers.

H Edition Summer Art 2019, Fusion Media Group: My Park in Africa, or why Philanthropy often fails us. April 2019

Silvia authored this article which conveys in a simple way for a non-experienced audience why philanthropy needs to improve, in the same magazine as above.

Financial Times: Middle East philanthropists lean towards building a civil society. By Hugo Greenhalgh, 5 May 2017

Interviewed by the FT on her views about philanthropy in the Middle East.

Euromoney Private Banking: Smarter, faster ways of giving. By Helen Avery, 2 February 2017

Interviewed for her views on philanthropy advisory as during her tenure, she helped position UBS as the premier global philanthropy advisory and led the global team to receive 15 awards including Euromoney’s peer reviewed Best Private Bank for Philanthropy.

Market: Le Media Suisse des High Net Worth Individuals: Philanthropie, 13 Acteurs D’Influence. By Amandine Sasso, 2017

Leading Swiss French language magazine interviewed Silvia about her views on effective philanthropy.

Die Presse: „Soziale und finanzielle Renditen zu vereinen ist nicht unmoralisch“, By Raja Korinek, 21 October 2016

Leading Austrian paper in German language interviewed Silvia about her views on philanthropy and impact investing.

Forbes: Celebrities And Billionaires Talk Innovative Giving At UBS’s First US Philanthropy Conference. By Chloe Sorvino, 15 September 2016

During her time at UBS, Silvia led the team to design and hold the first US Philanthropy Conference, in addition to the yearly Global Philanthropy Forum.

Alliance Magazine: Philanthropy and social investment in Latin America. September 2015

Silvia co-authored this article for Alliance Magazine, with the key findings of a pioneering study about Latin American philanthropy.

Alliance Magazine: Five ways for private philanthropists to achieve greater impact. September 2014

Silvia authored this article for Alliance Magazine, outlining her emerging ideas of why the system of philanthropy was not working well enough and how it could be improved.